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Rehabilitation is focused on restoring mobility and fitness to our canine companions, keeping them as fit, active and pain free for as long as possible. It involves a mixture of life style changes, physical modalities (such as laser or PEMF), manual therapies (such as chiropractic and trigger point therapy), theraputic exercises and medications. Finding the correct blend is as much an art as a science and it needs to be reassessed and modified on a regular basis.


Chiropractic care aims to promote the body’s inherent ability to heal by ensuring that the nervous system is functioning normally and without impedence. Typically impedence occurs in the motion units of the spine and the limbs. In a chiropractic exam we search for areas of reduced mobility and restore them to normal motion using a quick, small amplitude thrust known as an adjustment. Chiropractic care is especially effective for conditions of the nerves and the musculoskeletal system such as back pain, muscle spasm and nerve dysfunction.


Laser therapy enhances the bodies natural ability to heal. When a beam of appropriate wavelength light is focused into tissues the cells absorb photons (particles of energy). This causes biological changes within the cell that result in improved and accelerated healing, reduced pain, reduced inflammation and improved nerve function. Laser can be used for many conditions including osteoarthritis, injuries to tendons, ligaments and muscles and spinal conditions.


Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (EWT), commonly known as shock wave therapy, is a non-invasive, advanced treatment that can significantly improve your dog’s quality of life whilst reducing the need for anti-inflammatory and pain medications. A series of high energy acoustic (sound) wave or pulses are directed into the affected tissue. Shock Wave Therapy is a clinically proven, effective and safe way to reduce pain and to stimulate and speed the body’s own healing processes.

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At Canine Rehabilitation Canberra we focus on a holistic and multi- modal approach to your dog’s mobility issues. Our goal is to give them the best quality of life and realise their full potential. We work with you to keep your dog as fit, active and pain-free as possible, for as long as possible.

Dog Friends
“When the vet suggested we might have to amputate Jake’s leg we were horrified. He may not walk on it perfectly and it does knuckle sometimes but your treatment has enabled him to use it again. As we watch him pottering in the garden we are forever grateful that our dear old boy is still happy smelling the flowers!”
Rohan B and Jake
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