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Dr Sandra Hassett | Canine Rehabilitation Centre | Canberra
Sandra Hassett

Sandra Hassett has a longstanding passion for animals and always knew she wanted to be a vet. Graduating from University of Queensland Vet School in 1983 she spent several years working in equine and mixed practice, including in the UK. In 1987 she married the love of her life, Tim Swain, and settled into small animal practice in Canberra. From 1992 to 2016 she was a partner in the highly successful Animal Medical Centre.

Over the years her veterinary interest became more focused on mobility issues, not just for performance dogs, but for puppies, geriatrics, dogs with chronic injuries  - and just every day, active dogs. Enabling dogs to reach and maintain their peak performance and keeping them pain free and active throughout their lives has become her ongoing passion.

In 2005, after studying veterinary chiropractic in the USA, she became a member of the International Veterinary Chiropractic Association. In 2017, after studying Canine Rehabilitation in Australia and North America, she became a Certified Canine Rehabilitation Therapist. This additional study has enabled her to bring a unique skills set to managing her mobility cases.

Sandra also has a long-standing interest in competitive dog sports and in dog training and behavior in general. She has successfully and actively competed with her German Shepherd Dogs in Obedience, Rally-O, Agility and Tracking. She is a life member of the ACT Companion Dog Club and served as the convenor of their training sub-committee for a number of years.

Tim Swain | Canine Rehabilitation Centre | Canberra
Tim Swain

Tim’s professional background is business and accounting with over 30 years in the commercial world. Having retired from this busy life he has brought his business skills to bear supporting Sandra at Canine Rehabilitation Canberra as practice manager and looks forward to helping both you and your fur friend. It helps that he loves dogs! His other passions include travel, aviation and wine.

Marnie Rowe

Marnie just loves dogs. Helping people with their dogs is her great passion. Working in rehabilitation, she smiles every time a patient improves, even a little bit. She has helped many people and their dogs over the years in areas ranging from formal obedience training to behavioural advice to dog walking, but she particularly loves teaching puppy classes. Marnie also loves good food, rugby union and whisky!

Dog Friends
“When the vet suggested we might have to amputate Jake’s leg we were horrified. He may not walk on it perfectly and it does knuckle sometimes but your treatment has enabled him to use it again. As we watch him pottering in the garden we are forever grateful that our dear old boy is still happy smelling the flowers!”
Rohan B and Jake
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