Vera T and Tigger

"Tigger’s lameness in his hindquarters was one if the most trying times we have gone through. The desperation and helplessness we felt is hard to forget. Then we found you and you performed a miracle and we got our Tigger back. I will be forever grateful for your amazing ability and knowledge as well as the empathy you showed us.”

Cora G and Dahlia

“Thank you for making Dahlia’s last months so happy and comfortable. She was running around like a puppy again and it was wonderful to see!”

Rohan B and Jake

“When the vet suggested we might have to amputate Jake’s leg we were horrified. He may not walk on it perfectly and it does knuckle sometimes but your treatment has enabled him to use it again. As we watch him pottering in the garden we are forever grateful that our dear old boy is still happy smelling the flowers!”

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