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Canine Rehabilitation Canberra & Covid-19 Information:

Updated: May 27, 2020

Canine Rehabilitation Canberra & Covid-19 Information (Updated 27th May 2020)

Congratulations on your wonderful assistance and patience in dealing with the recent Covid-19 restrictions! Thankfully these are now easing. As a result we have changed the way in which we are seeing patients and clients.

We can now have one person accompany their pet into the waiting room provided there is no more than one other client in the waiting room. Unfortunately clients are not yet accompanying their pets into the consultation room. So, when you arrive and if the waiting room is empty, please come in. If it is occupied then don’t worry, we’ll be watching for you! As soon as we see you we will come out and let you know when you can come into the waiting room. You can wait there until the consultation is complete. Sandra will come out and discuss your pet’s progress either before or after the consultation.

If for some reason we don’t contact you in a reasonable time, please text us.

Medications will continue to be available for collection. Please contact us by email if you require medication outside of a normal consultation. Please let us know if you need to collect any medications at the start of the consultation.

Be reassured that there is NO evidence that Covid-19 can infect dogs or cats. They are perfectly safe during this pandemic and can stay with you even if you are in self isolation.

Do not bring your pet in if you are unwell. Contact us by email or text & we will arrange with you to ensure they receive proper care. Similarly, if you are in self isolation, please contact us first.

Sorry, but please do not kiss and cuddle your pet in the hours prior to the consultation. Although they cannot be infected, the virus can spread on their coat just as it can on any other surface.

As always, we will email you the invoice and you can pay online. If you need to pay at the time of the consultation please let us know in advance so we can make arrangements.

Remember do the 3 - Stay 1.5m apart, hand hygiene, stay at home if you're unwell.


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