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Our ‘new’ premises are finally finished - take a look!

Dr Sandra Hassett BVSc, MBA, MIVCA, CCRT

We originally moved premises in mid 2021, right in the middle of the Covid-19 lockdown. Our goal is to provide a low stress, comfortable and safe environment for our patients and clients and an ergonomic workplace for ourselves. We understand how stressful it is for many patients (and clients) to visit the vet and we try to do everything possible to make it a positive experience. This includes:

  • Easy parking right outside the clinic (and you can even drive right down to the front door so it is only 5 metres into the consultation room)

  • A softly lit waiting room with comfy armchairs you can share with your dog. We manage the waiting room carefully so there are no stressful encounters with other patients. We even have an ‘escape chute’ so dogs can come in and out without having to pass each other.

  • Quality, non-slip mats so patients are comfortable walking in and out and lying down in the clinic. If your dog has problems with floors then let us know in advance and we can put down additional matting to help them.

  • A large consultation room with plenty of space for multiple dogs and to demonstrate therapeutic exercises and equipment.

  • An electric lift, height adjustable consultation table makes it easy for dogs to get onto and off the table – and takes the strain off the humans’ backs.

  • Lots of soothing plants, aromatherapy and background music - the gun dogs in particular just love the tweety bird sound effects!

And of course our state of the art laser therapy and shockwave therapy equipment!


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