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Team Work!

Updated: Oct 15, 2019

Little Barney came to see us as a newly acquired 16 week old puppy.

He comes from working lines and his new owner has great hopes for his future as a competition herding dog. A very sound little guy, he nonetheless had very ‘flat’ front feet which were not going to help his athleticism.

Flat Feet

We provided advice on diet and exercises to try to address the problem early. His owner did a great job, not only with the exercises … Here he is on his fit disc, working his front toes …

Fit disc exercises

What a cute face!

but in building a special exercise area for him as well – including a digging area, a rocky river bed and other uneven ground to walk over.

Special exercise area

And 3 weeks later here are the results. Barney's feet are showing positive signs of strengthening, raising and shaping ... and not looking like flat paddles anymore

Positive results after just 3 weeks!

Congratulations to his owner on a great job!!

Just another reminder of why successful rehabilitation is a team effort!



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