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Meet Kevin!

Dr Sandra Hassett BVSc, MBA, MIVCA, CCRT

Kevin is an 11 year old red heeler. Three months ago he was having so much trouble just walking and getting up that his owners were considering euthanasia. This despite the fact that his vet had him under treatment for long-standing arthritis. As a last resort he came to see us at Canine Rehabilitation Canberra.

Turns out Kevin did have arthritis (elbow dysplasia and mild hip dysplasia) but his mobility problems actually related to neurogenic pain and soft tissue compensations. These had developed over the years as a rather plump but determined Kev continued to do vigorous activities despite his underlying joint problems.

We put him onto a treatment program that included weight loss, medications and supplements. He also received regular laser therapy, chiropractic care and soft tissue mobilization. Finally, we designed a series of therapeutic exercises for him. His family were terrific in their follow through and dedicated to doing his exercises and keeping his appointments.

In the words of his Dad “The result of the program has been amazing. Simply put he is a different dog and is showing improvement every day. No problem getting up and he is walking very well. My main problem is stopping him doing too much.”

For the team at Canine Rehabilitation Canberra - that’s job satisfaction!



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