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How Effective is Laser!©

A grateful client emailed me these photos that illustrate just how effective laser therapy can be. His dog, a boxer, had a tumour excised from his right shoulder and because of the type of tumour a large amount of tissue had to be removed. The shoulder area is very mobile and the wound would not heal. A second operation was followed by a third and each time the wound reopened within 24 hours. It was then decided to allow the wound to heal by granulation, but 27 days after the first surgery it was still weeping and not healing.

At this point I saw the dog and recommended laser. In the words of the client: “The results were nothing short of miraculous. After the first laser session the wound was visibly better and after several sessions (one every other day for a total of five sessions), the wound was closed, with a small scab and almost completely healed. See photos for the initial mess and how the wound turned out:”

The wound broke down after the first surgery

Two further operations and 27 days later - still open and weeping!

Healed after 5 sessions of laser (10 days)!



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